Male -Bi-Color Mitted Ragdoll Kitten


Male -Bi-Color Mitted Ragdoll Kitten (Chocolate)


Please reach out to us for an in-home visit with the kittens, a FaceTime Call with them or to arrange a meeting before sending a deposit or payment!

We can also text you videos of the kittens playing! Please contact us directly.

Color: Chocolate – Bi-Color Mitted paws Ragdoll Kitten

Gender: Male

(Please contact us to confirm before leaving any deposits)

Delivery: Delivery to other states is available

Food: Science Diet Kitten (dry food).

Purchasing Options:

1. Local Pickup or Delivery in South Florida: Pay a $500 non-refundable deposit and then the remaining balance on the day of pickup/delivery (*Sales tax to apply for FL residents and all Credit Card Transactions)

2. Out of State Delivery: Pay a $500 non-refundable deposit and then the remaining balance made 1-2 days before scheduled delivery. Invoice will be provided, including Flight Cost or other transportation. (*Sales tax to apply for FL residents and all Credit Card Transactions)

Before placing the deposit or purchasing the kitten, please make sure to contact us directly by phone or email, so we can schedule a one on one conversation with you, share more information about the kitten and availability and give you the chance to meet the little bundle of joy in person or over facetime!


We offer many types of delivery:

1. Delivery by plane:  We use DeltaCargo, AmericanAirlines, United airlines (PetSafe) and Alaska Airlines as our Maine carriers. Delivery is available to your nearest airport. We book the flight and give you all the needed information to pick your kitten up. You have to show your ID and AWB number at the airlines cargo department.

2. Delivery by Driver: We use delivery services to bring kittens directly to your home. This type of delivery works for near by States only. Price depends of delivery location. Please contact us first for pricing and information before picking this service.

3. Personal delivery: We provide FREE in person delivery for anyone local in South Florida, and also provide personalized delivery to your home anywhere in the United States for additional fee, This option is usually best for your kitten, as they will travel with us on the flight in cabin vs traveling air cargo with the other pets in crates. Regardless of which you choose we will help explain the process and provide your pet with the most comfortable trip possible.

4. Local Pickup: If you are located in South Florida, or would rather travel directly here to pick up your kitten, then we more then gladly encourage this! If you are traveling to Florida to pick up your kitten please contact us first to setup the reservations, we would hate to have you travel all the way here and someone else fall in love with your kitten of choice.

Return Policy

Kittens and Pets are not toys or purchases you should make on a trial basis, they are just like babies! You must be fully ready to adopt a kitten before making a purchase, as refunds and returns will not be given, please check with your landlords, family members, and yourself before making the decision. You do have a health Warrantee According to the sales contract you can return the kitten only in case of genetic disease detected. Please read over your sales contract completely.

*Allergies, Potty Training, Playing with your furniture, etc , are not valid reasons for return.

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